Luxury vintage wedding tips

Elegant and reflective of a bygone era, a true vintage wedding features historical references while still holding its own in a modern context. From furniture and decorations to accessories and bomboniere, there are lots of ways to beautifully incorporate a vintage theme in your wedding.

A vintage wedding is a wedding which has been styled and planned to reflect the aesthetic of a bygone era. For example, most vintage-themed weddings make reference to the Victoria era, as well as the ’20s or ’40s.

This theme is really expressed through the garments, hair and makeup worn by the bridal party, as well the floral, decoration and venue choices. If you’re planning a vintage-themed wedding, here are eight things to include in your big day…

The perfect transport

More applicable to a retro-style vintage theme, a naked cake is not only Pinterest and Instagram-worthy, but it also looks incredibly delicious.

Personalised bomboniere

Personlised vintage-style bomboniere can be anything from lollies, to chocolates, cupakes, candles, plants, clocks, cheese knives or jars of jam.

Natural bouquets

Slightly unstructured bouquets have a vintage-feel when created with an assortment of flowers. This bride in particular has opted for a stunning vintage-inspired bouquet which features orchids and lilies and is arranged in a style that is reflective of the Art Deco period in the ’20s.

Jars, crates, suitcases and furniture

Keep your vintage theme going by incorporating all the furniture and decorations that suit your chosen era. Objects like jars, vases, photo frames, books, suit cases and furniture can beautifully portray a vintage theme and are often fairly inexpensive to source.

Vintage-inspired dress

Vintage bridal fashion often featured fabrics such as lace and details such as delicate pearl buttons, long-sleeves, cap-sleeves and low backs.

Alternative guestbook

Use you guestbook as a way to incorporate your vintage theme. This couple have opted for a Polaroidcamera and vintage style notes wrapped in twine!


This bride’s stunning birdcage veil is a throwback to the 1940s.

How to make your wedding invitations more cutes

Wedding invitations are a great way to visually set the tone for your upcoming wedding. Your choice of colour, font, imagery and finer details will all reflect the style of wedding you are planning.

If you’re looking for some wedding invitation inspiration, here are eight simply elegant wedding invitations that will take your breath away…

Classic gold

Black, white and gold are an ever-elegant choice of colours for wedding invitations.

Native touch

If you’re having an outdoor garden wedding, or maybe you’re having a native bridal bouquet, you can include a touch of native fauna in the artwork on your wedding invitations.

Spring infusion

Having a spring wedding? Infuse your wedding invitations with some pastel floral graphics for some fresh and pretty visual appeal.

Grey graphicsImage: Alannah Rose

If you’re a minimalist and love nothing more than clean lines and neutral colours, experiment with some linear patterns for a clean design approach.

Eternal sunshine

Bold, bright, fresh and so joyful – a shade of ripe yellow will add some personality and character to yourwedding invitations. This look is perfect for a summer cocktail or destination wedding too.

Ever-elegant navy and gold

So sophisticated, navy and gold with a calligraphy font is an incredibly elegant choice of wedding invitation style.

Classic black and white

Black and white never truly dates and you can have fun with this colour scheme by incorporating fun patterns and touches of metallic.


How to ensure guests respond to your RSVP

One of the more frustrating aspects of wedding planning is getting your guests to respond to your RSVP on time. Not knowing how many people are actually going to be attending your ceremony or more importantly the reception, can be costly and rather inconvenient when it comes to planning a wedding.

The biggest impact this can have on a wedding budget is the catering bill, ordering last minute, or ordering more food than is necessary can add on extra expenses easily avoided had your guests responded promptly.

While there will always be some guests who forget to respond or don’t get back to you promptly, there a number of ways you can increase the chances of getting a quick response. The first begins with ordering the RSVP cards themselves.

What does RSVP mean?

This is a valid question, as there is a chance that not everyone will know the meaning of RSVP – especially your younger guests. RSVP originated from the French phrase, ‘Respondez, s’il vous plait,’ and translates to ‘please respond.’

If you are concerned that some of your guests will not understand its meaning, there are a number of alternative phrases you can use. Try ‘please respond by (date)’ or for more formal invitations ‘the favour of a reply is requested by (date).’

RSVP by when?

People often make the mistake of placing the RSVP date on the card in a small font. This might result in guests either not paying attention to the date or not understanding its importance. For quicker responses, ensure the RSVP date is as bold and prominent as the date of your wedding.

Engage your guests

While simple reply cards are the most common, one way to encourage a quick response is to make the card something creative or funny that will encourage a witty response. Here’s an example below.

Make responding easy

One of the best ways to ensure your guests respond is to make it as easy as possible for guests to return the card. Unfortunately some guests will find the task of addressing an envelope and placing a stamp on it all too much for them. To account for this,  try a postage paid RSVP card in postcard format, or self-addressed stamped envelope if opting for a traditional RSVP card.

You can also give your guests the option of emailing their RSVP by including an email address on the card.

The best time frame

Keeping in line with traditional wedding etiquette, send your RSVP cards out at least two months before the wedding. We’d recommend setting your RSVP date for approximately three to four weeks prior to the event. This gives your guests plenty of time to respond and gives you the time to confirm deadlines with your caterer and other wedding suppliers.

Spring weddings Ideas

Spring is often associated with blooming flowers, bright sunny days, chirping birds and the sweet sound of wedding bells! We have gathered tips from a variety of experts to help you brides (and grooms) with wedding planning your spring nuptials with ease. Those of you who are newly engaged have the opportunity to start the New Year in full swing with these great wedding essentials for planning your spring nuptials.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Not comforted by the superstition that rain on your wedding day means that your marriage with be blessed with good fortune? Don’t let it rain on your parade! You can still plan the outdoor spring wedding and reception of your dreams. Look for wedding rental facilities that that can cover your reception with a tent. This way, no matter rain or shine, you and your guests are covered.

Wedding Colors

Tired of seeing the same pastels at spring weddings? Give pastels a refreshing look by following some of the latestwedding essentials for color trends. Try pairing pastels with contrasting colors. For example, try sky blue with brown, pink with chocolate brown, lavender with lime green or coral and latte. Updated pastels not your idea of a great color scheme? Bright, vibrant, bold colors are very much in season, too! Just remember to choose only one or two colors to carry throughout your wedding to create an elegant impression.

Reception Sites

Be practical when it comes to looking at wedding venues for your reception. The number of guests attending your reception will dictate what wedding essentials site is best for you and your guests. A small room can suffocate a large party but feels intimate with a smaller guest list. This also applies to large elegant ballrooms that create echoes with a party of 75 but allow plenty of space for 300 guests to dine and dance. If you know your guests love to dance avoid restaurants limited on space and residential areas with noise restrictions.

Lighting Tips

There is no reason to blind your guests with bright overhead lights. Let’s face it, everyone looks better in a dimmer light! Try a different approach to the wedding essentials floral centerpiece with a pillar candle in the middle of the table. Not enough light? Try placing votive candles around the centerpiece for added light. There are also plenty of colored light bulbs available including peaches and pinks, which soften anyone’s appearance.

The Budget

So often brides are secretive about their wedding essentials budget. Many think, “If they know how much I have to spend, they will make me spend it all.” You should, rather, look at it from the viewpoint…”If they know how much you have to spend, they can better assist in getting the best value for it all!’ Think of your caterer, florist, and event facility manager as partners during the wedding planning process. They can help to guide you through many difficult decisions, but only if they know your expectations and limit. They can tell you if your thoughts are within reason and suggest ways to accomplish the same outcome, with creative ideas within your budget.